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Ascension Symptoms

I was going to use this weeks blog to talk about the full moon transiting the Galactic centre and what a powerful day it is. I decided to talk about something that may be more present for some of us on this day or leading up to it, Ascension Symptoms.

Ascension Symptoms is a rather grand way of saying the side effects that we can feel when we are receiving very intense energies. This can happen throughout the year during the lunar cycles depending on our birth chart but for all of us there is more susceptibility during the Stargate and Solar Portals and very high energy days such as today, when the full moon is transiting the Galactic centre.

The reason I wanted to talk about this is that the side effects can be very physical and we may wonder if we are coming down with something and perhaps treat the physical with medication or natural complementary support. The best thing we can do, if we are feeling the energies, is to rest, to relax, to sleep as much possible or at least be in stillness (no phones, computer or TV) and drink lots of water. It's also a good idea if you can, to turn the Wifi off. All these devices emit electromagnetic waves that interfere with our own electromagnetic frequency.

We are electromagnetic beings. The central nervous system is an electrical system and we are in constant relationship with the magnetic force of gravity. As we integrate the energy coming in, not to be bombarded by external electromagnetic waves can be very supportive to our system, allowing us to be in a more natural state and therefore easing the strain on our body to absorb the higher frequencies coming in.

I know this isn't practical for some but it's just a suggestion. Turning the Wifi off at night can be really helpful as when we sleep we are going through deep processes and to not have foreign waves intruding into our our delicate system can again support us to have an easier journey with the energy that is coming in.

From people that I have spoken to, Ascension Symptoms around this time are very much manifesting as headaches, pressure in the brain and also sore throats. This can and will change depending on the light codes that are coming in and where our system is receiving an upgrade in relation to them. It would seem a lot is going on around the central nervous system, throat chakra, crown and third eye.

If you are feeling rough at the moment I hope this helps to put it in context. Yes, there are seasonal bugs this time of year but what we experience in the physical isn't always coming from the physical. It's good to build a deeper relationship with our body so we can be more discerning about what is really going on and what we need to do to support the body.

As always, Thanks for taking the time to read this and please get in touch if you have any questions.


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