I got nothing....

What to write about today? All that came back was I got nothing and then the internal dialogue, I "should" post and that if I didn't I would be a failure. On and on it went until I realised this was about much more than just writing a Blog Post.

We all push ourselves so much in life, and have been conditioned to believe that this is how life should be. Goals, achievements and the, what can seem at times, endless struggle to reach those goals or achieve whatever it is we think will make us feel better once we have it. A new job, more money, a bigger house, a slimmer waistline, a new relationship or coming out of an old one.

Social Media also adds to this way of being. Looking at what seems like highly motivated people displaying their "perfect" lives, homes, waistlines, relationships etc. It's then very easy to go into compare mode and that can start the spiral down into low self worth, feeling less than because of the fake life that is being projected onto us. I know there are some great sites and people on Social Media but there is a whole lot of this too and it becomes very easy to get tangled up in it.

So, it's ok for me not to say much, it's ok for me to end this short Blog because that's how it is today and that's the reality.

See you all next week,


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