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My perspective on 2022 (copy of New Year Newsletter).

Here's a copy of my New Year newsletter that I sent out. I'm putting it up on here too for those who prefer my blog.

Hi Everyone,

So here we are in 2022, what I see as the year of Power.

We have an every day, breath by breath choice as to where we want to place our Power.

Inside of ourselves, empowering us to live a life in a way that we want. That feels right for us and sits with our own personal values. To nourish and nuture the things that matter and are important to us.

Or, to give our Power away to old patterns, behaviours, external structures of authority and essentially disempower ourselves as we keep handing our Power over.

Our Power and the way we wish to use it in our daily life is our divine right as a human being. This journey that we have chosen to take this lifetime is so that we can have the opportunity to see clearly, lifetimes of distortion and manipulation that have led us to give our Power away on many levels. Giving it away to old wounds and experiences of our life that we haven't processed and come to peace with. Giving it away to external voices of authority as we have all been brought up to do that. Giving it away because no one has ever told us just how immensely powerful we are, and so we misuse it as we don't realise the awesomeness that makes us US!

So here we are at the beginning of a year whose energy is to empower us. To step back into our divine blueprint as a human angel, to support us to do the inner work necessary to really know that and not just hold it as a mental concept. To deepen the relationship with our internal voice of intuition. To be guided back into listening to that inner voice of guidance rather than the external voices of authority.

Another aspect of our divineness as a human being is the right to free will, choice and also the understanding that we are fully responsible for the consequences of those choices. It is totally up to us where we want to place our Power and how we want to use it. Yes, it can be challenging as we are all being invited to face deep patterns and programming that have led us to this point in our history where we sit on a knife edge. Do we continue down the negative road of control, rules, regulations, coercion or do we say, Enough! This is my body, my life and I can live it how I want to.

This isn't about retaliation, this is about making new or different choices with our energy. It's about raising the frequency of humanity so that we get to the tipping point where negativity has no place to express itself. It's making that breath by breath, day by day choice as to how we are using our energy, our power.

We have so much support on all levels to help us on our journey but it is a journey that we must take. No one can do this for us, we must be the one to take that step back into our personal power, to be the empowered creative awesome human being that is our true nature and to express that on a daily basis as we start to build a new way of living. A way of living rooted in freedom, positivity, community and sustainability.

I also want to extend my support to you all this year in whatever way I can. I'm here for you.

Bye for now,


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