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Numerology for 2022

Gratitude to Celia Fenn for the numerology information which she passed on at the Solstice. I found it to be really helpful and interesting and so wanted to share with you.

Next year is another year of choices for us. Do we chose to continue living in an out dated way of control, rules, regulations and adhering to those even when they may not sit right with us. Or do we keep remembering that we have choices, that is our divine right as a human being to enjoy freedom, free will and sovereignty over our body.

Relating this to vibration and our personal frequency. We can continue to vibrate at a lower frequency of disempowerment, being told what to do and doing it without question or we can vibrate at a higher frequency. Making choices from our own internal voice of reasoning and intuitive authority rather that the external one. It is completely up to us and the numerology for next year shows this very clearly as numbers have a higher and lower vibrational meaning.

The higher frequency of 2022. Lots of 2s!

2 is the vibration of the Divine Feminine, Divine Wisdom and Sophia energy. This energy will be holding and supporting us throughout the year.

0 holds the frequency of initiation and beginning.

2022 added together = 6 which is the energy of love and harmony.

There is also a 20 & 22.

20 - renewal and rebirth.

22 - is a master number of initiation, higher consciousness and inner mastery.

When we look at all that is contained within the year from a higher perspective we can see the energies supporting us on our journey. The journey that we are taking this lifetime, to ascend into a higher state of vibration. To rebalance the masculine and feminine so that we live in balance with ourselves, each other and the planet. To step back into our own power instead of giving it away to structures and authorities who are self serving and heavily invested in acquiring our power through control and manipulation.

These energies will still be present next year when we look at the lower frequency of these numbers.

2- manipulation and distortion.

0 - the trickster and betrayal.

20 - control.

22 - coercion.

What energies do you want to ride throughout 2022? Both higher and lower frequencies will be operating and it is 100% our choice as to which we engage with and connect into. We are not victims of life, seeing it as something that is happening to us. We are creators of life and are here to enjoy living, to make and create the life we want from the deep knowing of our creative potential and the true nature of who we are.

2022 can be the year to continue the dropping of illusions that we have about ourselves or it can be the year to have those illusions drilled deeper into our psyche. What a gift to know that we can choose, it's in our hands and we have so much support to help us on this immense journey of awakening.

Thank You so much for reading this and I look forward to helping support you on your journey throughout 2022.

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