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Our Energy System and looking after it.

Before I start, I just want to say that there are many interpretations of our energy system and this is mine, from personal experience and my understanding from teachings that I received and felt a resonance with.

We are all as beautiful as this picture, our light body is an intricate work of art, interweaving different layers of our self that make us who we are.

Our attachment to the physical body can sometimes leave the other aspects of our energy body neglected yet we need to be aware of the entirety of our being so that we can care for all aspects of ourselves.

The physical body is the densest layer of our system. For energy to become solid it needs to slow down, I say solid although we are mainly space in our body. The solidity comes from electrons which are themselves conscious energy in service to us, helping us in our very physical experience and one that we can sometimes get completely engulfed in.

Our physical body enables us to have a physical experience in this dimension that we currently reside in. It is a gift from source to allow us to have this experience that we call life. We also have an emotional body enabling us to have emotional experiences, a mental body so we can think and process intellectually our world. We also have an etheric body which is the energetic double of the physical.

Our complexity is our gift and to fully appreciate this gift we do need to tend to all these parts of our being. Being aware of how we are feeling, taking time to really listen to the thoughts that wiz around in our head, listening to the physical body and its needs. This can help us to come into balance and when we are in balance it is much easier to integrate the energies that are flooding in from the Cosmos (see my last post).

What can really help with this self care is to slow down, take time to be with yourself, be aware of how much time you spend distracted by social media, TV etc and place yourself as a priority. Journalling can be really helpful, enabling us to write down what is going on in that moment. Until we spend the time to get to know all aspects of ourself, how can we fully look after and care for ourself?

Life is distracting, it is purposefully that way so we are constantly engaged in thinking and doing rather than the balance of stillness and being that is required. It's not one or the other but balance and I think most of us can see that we are out of balance in this way, so it takes a bit of time and effort to get into the rhythm of having quiet time. If you have a lot going in life this may be 5 minutes but thats 5 minutes more than you had before.

This isn't about must do's, should do's and then guilt when you don't do. It's about starting or continuing that journey of self care, finding even the smallest amount of time to take yourself, your well being and balance as a priority. You will find yourself feeling so much better as your energy system comes into balance and able to deal with what can be, at times, a challenging life.

I will do another post on self care and small things that you can do that make a big difference. More to come on this.

Bye for now and thank you for reading this.

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