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Star Gates, Solar & Lunar Portals

Star Gates, Solar and Lunar Portals help form the structure of the Galactic Year, they are times when we receive high frequency energy holding specific frequencies to assist us in our journey on this planet.

The Galactic Year commences on July 26th and runs for 12 months ending on July 24th. July 25th is known as the day out of time and is in itself a high energy day. During the year we have 4 main Solar Portals, the 2 Equinoxes and the 2 Solstices drawing in Solar Light Codes from our Sun as well as the great Central Sun, considered to be the source of pure consciousness.

There are 4 main Star Gates with the major one being the Lionsgate on 8th August (8:8) and then the 11:11, 2:2 and 5:5. There are also the minor gates every month where the day and month are in alignment. We are heading toward the 12:12 Star Gate 12th December.

We also have the Lunar Portals of the New and Full Moon every month.

As we move through these portals and Star Gates our energy body is receiving the possibility for a continual upgrade. I say possibility as it is our choice as to whether we are committed to doing our own internal work which usually comes to the surface at these times.

As I mentioned in previous posts what can help us to integrate these energies is having quiet time and looking after ourself. I have uploaded a 30 minute gentle yoga flow video to help with the movement of these energies.

This Sunday, although a minor Star Gate, is still allowing us the gift of receiving powerful galactic energies, helping us on our journey that we have all undertaken in this lifetime. To end the cycles of suffering we have got trapped in through our belief that we are separate from Source (I will talk more about this as it's a whole Blog in itself).

We then have a Lunar Portal of the full moon on Sunday 19th December which is also when we transit the Galactic Centre. The unfathomably powerful centre of our Galaxy, thought to be a super massive black hole. On this day we will be receiving light codes from the Galactic Centre. I will talk about this next Sunday.

2 days after this we have the Solar Portal of the Winter Solstice. On the 21st December Solar light codes will be flooding in to assist us even more in our journey, our "work".

I am offering a free online Winter Solstice Gathering on Tuesday 21st 7.30pm so we can come together in the stillness of this day; and receive the Solar energies being gifted to us at this time.

So as you can see, there's a lot coming up. Be as kind and gentle with yourself as you can, realise that we are all going through a huge upgrade. Our energy system is being constantly activated by these energies which in turn bring to the surface what needs to be released so that we can journey further back into the deep reemerging of our true nature.

We are Angelic and Galactic Beings of light. I don't think many of us feel that way about ourselves and this has been due to many lifetimes of manipulation, distortion and programming. We are all here at this immense time of change to step back into our birthright.

As always, Thank You for taking the time to read this, see you next week.

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