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The brighter the light, the deeper it shines.

We are beings of light, we respond to different light sources and they have a huge impact on our physical being. We are constantly receiving light from the Sun, Moon, Stars and the Earth to name a few. We are always in a direct communication with these conscious beings, all who are supporting us on our journey of awakening. Of remembering the true nature of who we are and the releasing of all that we are not, but have become so highly attached to and identified with.

The Sun, this massive star at the centre of our Galaxy, constantly sending Solar energy into our physical and non physical bodies is extremely active at the moment. We are seeing more Solar activity this year than ever before and that is because we are receiving more and more support in the form of light. This light contains codes, specific frequencies that are supporting us to see deeper and deeper into our shadows.

In our society, the shadow is seen as something negative. Due to the nature of the mind and our identification to it we live in a world of duality, something is either this or that, light and dark, good and bad, right or wrong. We can label this unseen aspect of ourselves as bad, negative and then maybe attach emotions of guilt, shame and blame around them which can then lead to suppression as we don't want to see "those bad bits of us".

The shadow, as in our everyday world, is just a lack of light, and in relation to ourselves, a lack of awareness, of consciousness. It isn't bad, something to be ashamed of or suppressed, it's just aspects of ourselves that we haven't been aware of on a conscious level. Beliefs, patterns, behaviours that have literally, been in the shadow.

And so now we come to our present day, immense amount of Solar light pouring into us, being received by our entire energetic system and integrating down into the physical. Accessing deeper and deeper into the depths of our humaness.

From my own personal experience, deep patterns of behaviour that are starting to be made conscious. Core beliefs around life, our attitude towards it, how we relate to this gift of life, how we relate to ourselves, this planet. The shame we hold, the guilt that we carry. Deep and at times maybe unsettling to see.

For us to move forward as a species, to journey back into the light of awareness, connection and balance, we need to see these aspects of ourselves. To acknowledge that as humans we have been carrying a lot of distortion. I'm sure we can all agree that massive changes need to take place to ensure the survival of this planet and our divine right to freedom and self expression.

Yes, it may be uncomfortable as we sit with aspects of ourselves that we have labelled as not liking, maybe self loathing and hatred come up. This is all part of the journey, to sit with whatever presents itself to you from a place of non duality. It's neither this or that, good or bad, right or wrong. It just is what it is and from there a place of acceptance arises which then opens the door to do the work if thats required, or to just acknowledge and know that whatever is there isn't the real you.

We are full of programmes, running in the background that drives the front screen of our life. We are now being gifted this opportunity to see these programmes, and from a place of acceptance that they are there (because they are!) the process of deleting them can take place.

I hope this helps as I know that for some it's pretty intense at the moment. And as always, this is just my perspective on things.

Bye for now,


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