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The Light & The Dark.

The Light and the Dark as shown above in the Yin/Yang sign allow us to see how these two frequencies are intertwined, are a part of each other and support each other.

In our mind driven world of duality where something is either this or that, we have been conditioned to see the light as good and the dark as bad. This can then inhibit our own personal work as we will come across dark aspects of ourself and if we get trapped in the conditioning and the labelling, it can keep us stuck. It can create in us the inability to allow this part of ourself to be seen so that we can do the necessary work to heal, release or whatever is needed in that moment.

The dark is a lack of light and in relation to ourselves, it is aspects of ourselves where there has been no light, no conscious awareness and so that energy stays in the shadows, in the dark. It isn't bad, there is nothing wrong with us, it is just a part of ourself that now needs to see the light, to be seen so that we can do the necessary work.

As we journey through this year, we will be invited to see all aspects of ourselves, some of which may not be comfortable and rather than getting into a good/bad duality about ourselves, or judging ourselves, feeling guilty or ashamed, we can see the reality of what is being presented to us. Old energies, old emotions, patterns, behaviours and so much more that has never had a conscious awareness shone on it. It's not bad or negative, it has just been in the dark as perhaps we are now coming into a time in our life where we can do this work. Where we can process the deep emotions, where we have the maturity to look at our patterns and be willing to let them go instead of attaching to and perpetuating them.

I wanted to talk about this as this year holds so much potential for change, if we are able to embrace that. I feel it's very easy to feel ashamed about aspects of ourselves that we may not like or have labelled as "bad". We are all carrying fears, anger, shame, guilt and judgement to name a few. These aren't bad, they are emotions and ways of being carrying a lower frequency that plays out in lower frequency thoughts and behaviours, that's it! It's nothing personal, it is lifetimes of programming that have led us to his way of being and unfortunately that way of being is very negative. The shadow, the dark aspects of ourselves are to enable us to learn, to grow and develop. To step into an empowered way of being by realising we can change ourselves, our attitudes, our thoughts, our patterns and behaviours that are no longer serving us.

Our work is also to remember that we are not the sum total of our behaviours, our patterns, our thoughts. They aren't even ours but we have identified with them so much we have made them our own. We have this opportunity now to start to unravel the identification and we are going to be supported massively on this path.

Everything is frequency, vibration and we are in the process of not only raising our personal vibration but also that of the planet as we journey into this work. Shedding layers of programming and conditioning, what a gift! Yes, it can be challenging but we are all up for it otherwise we wouldn't be here at this immense time in the history of humanity. Everything we do counts, we all matter and as each one of us increases our personal vibration it has a massive impact on the collective.

If you do have any questions, please get in touch.

Thanks as always for taking the time to read this,


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