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The Media.

This may turn out be a controversial post but I'm ok with that as I feel it's a really important subject that needs addressing, based on my own personal experience this week.

For many years now I haven't had a TV or watched the news as I felt that it wasn't the truth but just recently I saw an every deeper manipulative side to the current media. It affected me personally and, through that, I saw what I would like to share with you.

I was walking through Waitrose the other day and walked past the newspapers. For some reason I stopped and started reading a front page which was telling me how the country was going into a financial crisis, everyone's bills would go up, the standard of living would drop and a lot more.

I then ended up going into a spiral of anxiety around money, not having enough, anxiety about the future that no one would have money to support my work and the services I offer. Fear that my landlord would put my rent up and just endless anxiety and fear driven projections into the future, based on absolutely nothing except what I had read in the papers.

After about half a day of this (which was more than enough, lol) I saw the manipulation and how the media have hijacked our creative potential for their own personal gain. I'll explain more.

The current density that we, as a species find ourselves in, and the necessary change that is taking place is due to the deep forgetting inside of us. Over many lifetimes and through many different ways, our true, empowered, creative nature has been buried. Hidden deep inside and so we may find ourselves in this lifetime, feeling very disempowered at times and that life is something that is happening to us and out of our control. This is a huge deception that has been consciously created, allowing those in power to acquire more power as we feel we have no control (no personal power) over our lives.

We are also highly identified with the mind which operates from a linear place of duality. Everything is either this or that, and we have a past, present and future. This is necessary for us to have this physical experience in this physical realm but also creates a lot of distortion. We project into the future what has happened in the past and so we create our future from this experiencing of the past. As we have this deep forgetting of just how creative we are, we then start to create our future and so it becomes a reality. How many times have we said to ourselves "I knew that would happen".

This is where the media come into it. Through their fear mongering headlines and total commitment to what they say, they are creating a belief system in ourselves and we start to project that into the future, creating the future that has been "told" to us by the media. If you believe that we are going into times of hardship then yes, that will be the experience that you have as you are creating it.

This way of being is changing for many of us as we start to break out of the old patterns and behaviours and see clearly the structures that have held us in those patterns. Our work is to keep coming back to the present, to start to trust the flow of life and allow that conscious energy that is life to flow through us. To practice being present in this moment and to do our deep inner work that we are being so supported to do at this time.

For sure, it can be challenging to let go, to surrender to the flow of life. It can take work to learn to trust and be in the moment. To see our fears, our beliefs, our patterns and behaviours that keep us in that old outdated way of being, where we can easily be manipulated into creating a future that hasn't happened yet, based on what others want for their own personal gain.

What can really help is to see how you feel after watching the news or reading a paper. No one knows what is going to happen in the next minute let alone the next few months and by being open to the flow of life and the present moment, life will be exactly as it should. Life is a conscious energy that emerges from the positive, unconditional loving energy of Source and is always wanting to express that vibration through us. I know which frequency I want to live my life in. Half a day of extreme anxiety that was triggered but a story in the paper was enough for me.

I could go into this much more but I am aware this is a pretty long blog so will stop here. If you do want some more insight please let me know.

Thanks as always,




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