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Self care for our entire system.

Following on from last weeks blog post, here are some small ways in which we can start or continue our routine of self care.

We tend to focus on the physical aspect of ourselves but it's really important that we also practice self care for our mental and emotional well being. We are riding the waves of extremely challenging times right now and whilst this will ease up in the future, we need to make sure we can ride these current waves without going under them. Feeling overwhelmed, out of control or deeper into anxiety and depression.

The Physical

  • Have a soak in a bath if you have one or a long hot shower just for the sake of it.

  • Massaging hands and/or feet.

  • Eating nourishing food as best you can and try to steer away from the sugar ( I know, easier said than done around Christmas).

  • Walking in nature without your phone.

  • Trying not to get too caught up in the excess around Christmas. Food & drink.

  • A movement practice. Here's a video I uploaded recently focusing on being grounded.

The Mental and Emotional

  • If you are struggling, talk to someone. A good friend who will understand or reaching out to a professional who can support you. Suppressed emotions and negative thoughts fester inside of us and create more of the same. Just by having a chat and getting it off your chest can help that energy to release.

  • If you don't want to talk to someone you can try journalling. Just writing down what's going on as that can also help the energy to release.

  • Related to the above, you are not the only person who is finding these times challenging. There is a bigger picture and we are moving in the right direction. I know this can seem a million miles away with the day to day struggles that can be presented to us. You are not alone and there is someone who will understand you.

  • Slow down. Life is so hectic and demanding, especially at this time of year. This can lead us to feeling stressed, burnt out and literally flopping on the sofa after Christmas, completely knackered and worn out. Just 5 minutes every day to consciously slow down, not scrolling through social media or distracting yourself with something or someone but just being with yourself for 5 minutes. This may be when you give your body some love but make sure you are present with yourself in that moment, not thinking about the 100 things you still need to do and getting stressed out about it. This takes practice and what can help is next.

  • Breathe! Breathe in a conscious way every day for 5/10 minutes. You can lie on your back with a book on your belly. Focus on breathing into your belly and feeling the book rise and fall. If you have a yoga practice and are used to breathing in a more conscious way, focus on breathing into your entire rib cage. I have also uploaded a video on breathing to help you feel grounded. Here it is

  • Spending time away from social media and the news. They aren't healthy places to focus your energy on. Be aware of how much time you spend on social media and also how the news affects you. It is purposely fear driven to install that energy into people so if watching the news makes you feel that way, don't bother. You will feel 100% better.

This is just to give you an idea of what can help us to help ourselves to feel better on all levels of our being. For me the biggest obstacle was actually finding the love for myself to do this, small steps definitely help. Don't make self care another thing on your to do list because you think you should do it. Try and see it as something that can really help support you and will help you to feel better about life and deal with all the ups and downs and everything in between that comes our way.

Thank You for reading this and if you have any questions or would like to know more about something please get in touch.

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