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The Moon.

As I write this we are 3 days away from the New Moon and the next day is the Aquarius 2:2 Star Gate on the 2nd Feb, one of the 4 main Star Gates of the year. We have the potential to receive such powerful energy at this time as the full opening of the gate is being supported by the Moon.

The Moon is an immensely powerful feminine conscious being, balancing with the masculine energy of the Sun. She has been with us every single day of all of our lives on planet Earth and has a massive impact on our well being, and the well being of this planet. Such is her magnetic pull that she controls the tides of the seas and as we are over 70% water we are also in a deep communication with her during her monthly cycles.

She is a good reminder to us all that life is forever changing and transforming. Every day of the month she is also changing and transforming. From the dark days around the New Moon as she waxes to her fullest and then wanes back again, eventually into darkness before a new cycle begins. She is showing us that everything changes all the time and that this is the natural movement of life.

Most of us live our lives with the need to plan, organise and control, and we seem to have lost this fluidity in life. Allowing that natural movement of energy to express itself through us and for us. Flowing with the tides, as does the huge bodies of water on our planet.

All stages of her cycles are extremely powerful although the focus tends to be on the New & Full Moon. The New Moon, a time of new beginnings and for us energetically, usually a softer time as there are new negative ions in the atmosphere which is more pleasing to the central nervous system. Conversely, the Full Moon, the peak time of her energy, can be quite challenging to our system as there are more positive ions in the atmosphere which can over stimulate us. Side effects of this can be disrupted sleep, agitation, irritation, big emotions being felt and expressed, lethargy, hyper activity and brain fog, to name a few. These are all signs that our body is going through the integration process and receiving deeply her energy.

Every month she is sending down wave upon wave of luminous light which are filled with light codes, specific to the sign that she is in and the movement of the planets at that time. These energies are to support us on our journey and can really help to facilitate whatever it is we need at that time in our life.

As she is an expression of the feminine aspect of the Divine, she holds the energies of unconditional love, compassion, support and guidance to name a few and as such, she is always there to help and guide us. If there is something you need support or guidance with you can ask her to help you, send a prayer up to her or just sit with her at night if the sky is clear.

On a more practical note, her Full Moon energy can cleanse and rejuvenate crystals so it's a good time to put them outside. You can also charge up water on the Full Moon with her light codes and energy of that particular month.

I know we can sometimes take her for granted as we are so used to seeing her up in the Sky, day after day, month after month and year after year. So, maybe the next time you do see her, acknowledge her from your heart and send an offering of gratitude to her for her service to humanity and this planet.

Enjoy this coming New Moon.

Thanks as always for reading this, See you next week,


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