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The true nature of Time.

In our very dense third dimensional world we see and have been taught that time is linear, in that it moves in a straight line. We have a past, a present and a future. The past is something fixed that we can't change, the present moment is happening to us right now and the future is where we tend to project, based on our past experiences.

Whilst this is a necessary concept of time for us to be able to live in and helps us to relate to the world around us, this can also create a rigidity as we see our life, especially our past as something fixed and static and not open to that much change.

This is, however, just a concept. The true nature of time is that it spirals. Every year we have a new spiral of time that starts at the end of July and spirals round the sacred year for 12 months. Passing through the Solar and Lunar portals of the year and the major and minor Star Gates.

This can be a bit challenging for the mind to get its head around but we need to step away from the very rigid thinking of the mind for whom the linear version of time was created. It allows the mind to process what happened in the past and reflect that into our future and to make sense of where we are in our life. It also creates a sense of rigidity and we can perhaps sometimes feel stuck in the rut of our life. We keep delving back into the past and then projecting that into our future which is then created from the (at times) distortions of the past or perhaps intense experiences that we weren't able to process at the time. Even though we can now, we find ourselves stuck in that place of overwhelm, fear, insecurity, anger etc.

If we can be more open minded and explore the true nature of time we can see how supportive it is for us. As we move around the spirals of the years of our life we are invited to revisit old wounds, experiences and situations but from a more mature and experienced perspective. Yes, we may find old "stuff" keeps coming up for us and rather than getting into the same old perspective around that, we can see it is an opportunity to look at our past with fresh eyes, a new, more balanced perspective and the possibility to energetically rewrite our personal history that we are all so attached to. That attachment feeds into our identity, our sense of self, our ego and can inhibit a freedom that is available to us when we let go of the past.

This allows a more balanced way of being in the now and less projection into the future. Speaking personally, it can also be a real eye opener as to how attached we are to the past, especially if we feel wronged or have had intense experiences. It's always supportive to remember that on a soul level we came here to have many different experiences, not just what the mind would call happy, positive ones. We came here to experience the joy, the pain and the everything in-between and to grow, learn and develop as a consequence. Not to get caught up and trapped in the net of our past.

I know this can be a mind expanding subject to sit with and I hope this makes sense. If you do have any questions, as always, please get in touch.

Thanks for reading and see you next week.


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